Benefits of a Career in Petroleum Engineering

AfterTop newspapers from around the country list petroleum engineering as one of the best majors and careers for Undergraduate students. No only do your dreams and imagination power the world, which solve everyday and future problems, but in return you are rewarded with attractive and hefty benefits.

Take a look at the perks of becoming a Petroleum Engineer.

  • Surplus of job opportunities
  • Sought after topic and issue of our generation
  • Interact and collaborate with all types of people
  • Supply the world’s energy
  • Excellent financial rewards with median starting salary of $114,080 per year in 2010
  • Visit exotic places and become a citizen of the world
  • Turn dreams into reality
  • Great balance between home and work life


After graduation and while working as an intern in Kansas and around the United States, it is important to know which positions best fit your personality and work interests. The list below shows various job titles and descriptions for Petroleum Engineers.

  • Reservoir Engineers use technology and his or her knowledge to determine the location of useable underground fossil fuels reservoirs.
  • Drilling Engineers execute complex drilling operations, while administrating economic procedures.
  • Production Engineers act as a liaison with other departments to understand and analyze how to bring hydrocarbons to the surface.
  • Operations Engineers ensure a company runs smoothly. He or she regularly checks for repairs in machinery and is involved with scheduling, shipping and manufacturing.
  • Completion Engineers create and design procedures that improve oil and gas recovery, while also observing the profitability of drilling the well.


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